David Sorensen - Studio 3.0



Place des Arts – 1982


David Sorensen:
Renewing a Vision of the Real

by Jean-Richard Laforest

(translated from French to English)

For it’s first showing in a new series of exhibitions at the Place des Arts, staged in the entry hall to the Salle Wilfred-Pelletier, and opening next Oct. 17th; a presentation of more than 15 new creations of David Sorensen. Sorensen is the creator of impressive paintings within which the coherent variation and a strongly personal ‘mark’ have drawn positive reactions from critics who confirm the clear voice of a particular vision.

The largest works from this recent production of the artist; the consecration of works on paper, others on canvas, offers his most updated creations dating from the beginning of this year,1982.

Born in Vancouver in 1937 David Sorensen is far from being unknown in Montreal, which he has made his home, and in which he shows in a variety of galleries and other public exhibiting halls. Montreal has been his main focus for many years now.

Following shows in Mexico, Vancouver, and in Toronto he originally exhibited in many Montreal “collectives”, notably in the Youth Pavilion at Expo ‘67; also at Vehicle Art Gallery in 1972; his rubber sculptures there inspiring comments from Guy Robert in his book “La Quebec Despuis 1940” which praised his “disconcerting strategies directed toward a sense of a renewed vision of the real”.

By 1974 he had achieved sufficient notoriety to draw the attention of the new Montreal gallery Espace Cinq, and had a solo show of paintings there. Two important exhibitions followed at Galerie Gilles Corbeil in 1977, and in 1981. Gilles Toupin wrote in Montreal’s La Presse “his paintings seem each time to acquire a greater power, and a newer orientation in their expansion.”

The works of David Sorensen are found in numerous collections in Canada, the U.S.A., and in Mexico. In the last decade various exhibitions were realized in Boston, Paris, Milan, Basle, etc. The works of Sorensen figure in the permanent collections of the Muse de Beaux Artes de Montreal, le Musee d’Art Contemporain de Montreal, and in the Art Bank of Canada.

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