David Sorensen - Studio 3.0




Text by Laurier Lacroix

(Excerpt from 'Suite de l’Estrie' catalogue 2003)

David Sorensen • Suite de l’Estrie by Laurier Lacroix
ISBN 0-9680851-1-3

Each painting offers original solutions that belie the overly systematic reading presented here. Cuadra Amarilla and Esquina Amarilla are focused on the motif of the window, a square within a square that introduces a further level of intensity to observation, another way of looking at the painted site. Moreover, in Torrent, the cascade of orange tones responds to the circulating green and blue that filter and support the ample gestural impulse in its sweep across the entire surface. With Cosmo, Sorensen emphasizes the presence of the grid, which, in the sparkling of its chromatic variants, vibrates and floats through the thickness of the paint itself. The formal elements of the paintings in the exhibition Suite de l’Estrie are clearly enunciated. The painting becomes an active space for the amalgamation and incorporation of parts that instigate movement. The unity of the canvas is not produced through its completion but by its progressive movements. For Sorensen, the act of painting would then respond to the viewer’s mobility, with the aim of reconciling the tensions with the strata that lie within them.

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