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The Ottawa Citizen
by Nancy Baele

A Piece Of Light - 1989

David Sorensen’s abstract paintings from his Passage Series on view at Ottawa School of Art are intended to suggest a threshold, an entry from nature to an inner dimension, a push and pull of color and space.

“I see the paintings as a piece of light” said the artist, who teaches at Bishop’s University and lives in Ayer’s Cliff, Que.

There is definitely a landscape evocation in these works, done with loose brush strokes and with many colors. There is nothing loose about their forms, which are geometric and balanced.

One is able to trace Sorensen’s own journey in doing these works. The small initial studies are most concerned with forms and balances. As the works become larger, the interest becomes more and more focused on the surface, climaxing on a jewel of a work called Access, luminous and light.

Sorensen’s works are meditative, best viewed over a long time, or at intervals with an intense focus. They provide a focus for serenity and sensation.


Sense of place - 1990

David Sorensen, a Montreal artist showing large abstract oil paintings at Wallack Galleries, has made repeat visits into the Japanese show. “I feel an affinity with the compositions of Matsubara’s work,” said Sorensen, whose exhibition leaves a double impression: seeing the world in a grain of sand and being in the world in a cosmic sense.

With a sensibility that relates to the tradition of Jack Bush and Claude Monet, Sorensen’s paintings are atmospheric, a direct response to wherever he is working - in the Eastern Townships or in rented studios in New York or Montreal.

Incising his canvasses, using trowel and brushes to create his delicate and substantial movements of light and color, paintings such as Giverny or Cobalt Blue Rolling with no literal references to sky, water, air, or architecture, are about landscape apprehended, a sense of place.

(Naoka Matsubara does Woodcuts and lithographs on handmade paper that recall landscapes, screens and the 20th penchant for finding unity in fragments. This exhibition, sponsored by the Embassy of Japan runs until Oct. 31 at 35 George St.)

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