David Sorensen - Studio 3.0



Arts Canada – 1976

”111 dessins du Quebec”, Musee d’Art Contemporain

Review by John N. Chandler


David Sorensen is represented with numbers 4, 5,6,and 7 (fig 6 and 7) of a series of drawings in which the basic format is a structure with a diagonal drawn through it: One half of the square is shaded and the other half left alone. In No.4 (fig.6) the lower right area is made up of such squares. The upper left area is likewise made up of such squares, though here the squares are one-sixteenth as big. The remaining central area has squares one-fourth the size of those in the lower right. All the squares are shaded in their lower right halves. The resulting overall effect is of a square in which the upper left is most densely shaded, becoming less densely shaded towards the lower right, even though no individual square has its upper left shaded. In no.6 (fig.7), all of the squares are of the same size, but here the squares in the upper left are shaded in the lower right halves, and the squares in the lower right are shaded in their upper left halves. The row of squares that bisects the whole square diagonally from upper right to lower left is necessarily left unshaded, resulting in a diagonal of light.

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